A Very Warm Welcome to the Employability Discussion

Hello and welcome to you all :smiley:

My name is Barry and I have the privilege of moderating this forum. I am the managing director of Walking Among Giants Limited - a leading management and training consultancy based in the West Midlands, U.K. I am also an associate lecturer and practice tutor for the Open Univeristy (UK) and a visiting lecturer and module writer for the University of Wolverhampton (UK). I am driven by a passion to affect the lives of individuals, groups and communities through the creation of high quality learning opportunities that lends themselves towards supporting sustained employment and economic social and spiritual prosperity.

Please take a moment to introduce yourselves and to perhaps outline your motivations for participating in this discussion.

I look forward to getting to know you all over the coming weeks.

Very best wishes


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I am Dr Philipa Idogho, a former Rector/President of a higher institution in Nigeria known as Auchi Polytechnic from 2008 to 2016, and now with the University of Abuja. My motivations are outlined below:

  1. I have on three occasions participated and presented papers at the PCF in India, Cambridge and Nigeria and so I have passion for it.
  2. I was head of an institution that yearly produced graduates into the labour market where only 10% probably got employed.
  3. I want at this forum to examine the gaps and look at possible solutions.

Many thanks for your introduction Philipa. I look forward to learning from your experience over the coming weeks. The first discussion thread will be posted tomorrow (Sunday evening GMT.)

Very best wishes


I am Neerja Sood, Assistant Professor, School of Health Sciences, Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi, India

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Welcome Neerja. Thanks for the introduction. I look forward to reading and engaging with your contributions during the coming weeks.

Very best wishes


I am Okhiran Imonkhuede, A measurement and evaluation officer in Edo State Universal Basic Education Board. I was classroom teacher for 8 years before proceeding to the Board. What motivates me are,
Staying relevant in the global World by sharing ideas and learning new innovative ways of making a difference.

Hello everyone

I am Kelly St. Hill. I am an Instructor at the Samuel Jackman Prescod Institute of Technology in Barbados. I work mainly with emerging artisans to prepare them to function more effectively in the global and local work environment.

Welcome Okhiran and many thanks for your introduction. I look forward to your contributions over the coming weeks.

Welcome Kelly and many thanks for your introduction. First discussion thread will be posted later today and I look forward to reading your contributions.


I am Naleen from University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. I am in the field of Information Technology and after completing my BA in English and ELT, I thought of contributing towards the area of CALL and MALL as I felt that I can help people in a large scale. I am presently attached to Artificial Intelligence Lab of the Department of Computational Mathematics.
My intention is to create a platform which can be used to educate people in different contexts.

A very warm welcome Naleen. I look forward to reading your contributions to the discussion.

Hi All my name is Kamani Samarasinghe and i am from University of the Visual & Performing Arts (UVPA), Colombo, Sri Lanka. Currently i am the Director at Centre for the Open and Distance Learning (CODL) , UVPA.

I am sizomu Sandra a student of Makerere University from Africa ,Uganda. I am studying bachelor of commerce.My motivations are listed below:
1.One of the biggest challenges in my country is unemployment among the youth ,therefore looking forward to learning more and discussions of improving or impacting skills so that i can help the youth here in my country.

Hello Kamani and welcome to the discussion. I look forward to reading your contributions.

Hi Sandra,

Welcome to the discussion. I look forward to reading your contributions.

Hi @b.d_souza and all,

I’m Chris Prince Udochukwu Njoku of Computer Communications Centre, University of Nigeria. I lead operations, innovation and training programs to equip staff and students with skills to effectively and safely use ICT to transform how we teach, do research, learn and deliver other services. I’m passionate about education reaching and giving everyone the kind of knowledge and skills they need to be optimally productive to themselves and in society, irrespective of gender, age, race, physical condition, location, economic status or whatever that may pose a barrier, That’s my motivation for joining in this and other discussions. I believe we’ll pool great ideas here, having noted highly knowledgeable, skilled and motivated people already here.

I’m excited to meet you: Neerja, Philipa, Kelly, Naleen, Kamani and Sandra… Owing to financial difficulty at present, I won’t be in the onsite meeting in Scotland.

Hi Chris,

Many thanks for joining the discussion. I look forward to learning from your contributions.

Best wishes


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Hello Barry. Hello Everyone.
I am Theresa Okafor. I am Director of QAARDAN Educational Foundation. QAARDAN stands for Quality Assurance and Research Development Agency, Nigeria. Employability and quality assurance are complementary and I look forward to contributing to some stimulating discussions on Employability.

Hello Theresa and welcome to the discussion. Thanks for your introduction.

Dear Chris

We are here and it is nice to hear that you are doing a great work at your place. I may also not be able to participate due to financial issues as my country is in a worse economical situation after we had an ISIS attack this April. What i believe is that we are already met here with our hearts and mind. Definitely we will meet soon as the conference will be there in your place in the future. Then, we will be your guest. Keep up the good work and let’s have a good time here. :+1:

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