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Advances in emerging technologies continue to drive innovation in education institutions and the workplace. The knowledge and use of these technologies as well as the ability for technology-enabled learning and upskilling are becoming imperative for self-improvement and advancement in the workplace. Developments in artificial intelligence and robotics have particularly seen a demand on employees to add breadth or depth to their current capacities. Only a few years ago, a college degree guaranteed a stable job and to some extent, long-term career success. It is, however, increasingly the case that individuals need to embrace lifelong learning to remain relevant in their workplace, as a college degree now only helps new graduates enter the workforce. It is because of this that many institutions are not only focused on providing high quality learning resources but also equipping learners with the knowledge and skills needed to blend appropriate technologies and online resources, including OER, to attain lifelong learning. The question we might ask is whether the evolution of new technologies and learning platforms like MOOCs, augmented and virtual reality learning environments and microlearning have been successful in realizing flexible, personalized, work-based learning. Are there ways to train a learner to prepare them to become lifelong learners? Is the use of technology in education all that it takes? Are there successes or has this debate over-emphasised the potential of technology for lifelong learning? This forum will attempt to answer these questions and address ways in which education institutions and international development organizations might harness emerging technologies to prepare a workforce that is ready for lifelong learning.

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Sure! Technology enabled learning is the in thing here for improved access to learning. Through Learning Management Systems (LMS) we are able to reach many off- Campus learners of varied ages.

Undoubtedly the use of technology in education have greatly enhanced flexible and work place learning. Further more with the introduction of AI and robotics in education more learners are not only being reached with education but are being stimulated to study at their paces. This excitement in using technology in education ensures commitment to learning on the part of the learners. However deploying ‘STREET WISE TECHNIQUES’ in education will definitely guarantee life long learning.

Hello everyone,

My name is Kelly St. Hill and I work with the Samuel Jackman Prescod Institute of Technology in Barbados. I am looking forward to hearing all of your views about technology and learning from you all. I definitely think that the technologies and learning platforms have been useful for facilitating the delivery of education but in regards to making students lifelong learners a lot of that has to do with learner choice. It is easy to assume that once you have great technology the natural output will be lifelong learners or learner success, however, this is not always the case. Mainly because there are other variables in play such as staff and learners’ willingness to interact with available technologies and also their level of competence with using them. In addition to that I think we need to consider that one size does not fit all with technologies because of the peculiarities that some organizations have embedded in their respective systems. In some organizations the implementation and use of some learning platforms may go well and in other cases the same learning platform may not work as well or the implementation and use may not go as smoothly.

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And welcome to the technology discussion.

My name is Janet Thomson and I will be facilitating our discussions in the sub-theme of Technology. My background is in teacher education but for the past 20 years I have been involved in SchoolNet South Africa and I am passionate about the effective use of technology to improve learning.

Please feel free to introduce yourself and your interests or just launch into the discussions – as some people have done. There is already plenty to think about and comment on.

I am really looking forward to sharing our thoughts in this forum and I am sure we are all going to learn a great deal.
All the best for the next few weeks

Hi Francis
you were an early bird on the forum - well done for that.
It sounds as if you work in higher education and that you appreciate the opportunity that technology affords your students to gain access.
I am wondering whereabouts you are in the world and whether your students have any connectivity challenges.
kind regards

Hi Greg
I think i know what you mean about “street wise” teaching techniques. Your argument is a very strong one - that teachers should be in tune with their learners to ensure their engagement. I am sure you know this quotation, “if children do not learn the way we teach, then we must teach the way they learn.” (Ignacio Estrada) Your point about AI and robotics stimulating learning life long learning is also very topical. I am sure we will have further discussions on this very aspect over the next few weeks.
kind regards

Hello Kelly
Thank you for this insightful post. I am sure many institutions can agree with you that despite the latest technologies and learning platforms, not all students (nor staff) are able to take full advantage and for a range of different reasons.
We are sure to hear from others around those challenges - and how they overcome them
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Welcome Greg
And apologies for not welcoming you into the Technology discussion before I launched into a detailed response to your post below :blush:
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It’s ok Janet. I’ll convey my ideas in time.

Warm regards.

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I am Airen and I teach in a University in Nigeria. Technology will facilitate learning but it is a three way tripod, the institution, the teachers and the students. The institution has to provide the enabling environment in terms of required infrastructure and policy, the teachers must be knowledgeable about technologies and use appropriate ones and the students must be willingly to use the technology. I use technology for teaching because I know the benefits it has to improve learning, but there are many challenges faced on my part as a teacher, in terms of infrastructure and the students’ complaints of cost and inadequate infrastructure to fully enjoy the benefit of technology for learning.

welcome to the discussion Airen and thank you for this contribution. You are clearly committed to using digital tools and resources but it has to be of great concern that students experience the barriers to learning that you and others in the Technology topics have mentioned.

our discussions might lead us to some innovative solutions @aeadetimirin

I am Kevin. I am a postgraduate research assistant at the eCampus of Maseno University in Kenya. My interests in the use of technology in education revolve around online pedagogy, formative assessments, and use of technology to teach large online classes. I agree with @gonwodi on the flexibility associated with technology to achieve life-long learning. Technology has made it possible to design courses that are learner-centered and contributed to shifts in teacher roles from that of a knowledge depositor to a facilitator who guides students’ learning. This is a step towards helping learners to be responsible for their own learning and catapult them in the direction of lifelong learning.

Dear Kevin,

Good day. Your thoughts are quite commendable. I equally uphold these views.

Welcome Kevin and thank you for this excellent contribution - you may also be interested in the topic of Effective use of digital tools and resources under the Technology category

Hello Everyone,

I am from St Vincent and the Grenadines (Caribbean Island) and I work at our lone Community College (SVGCC). I have been involved in Teacher Education over the years but I am now given the responsibility to push for the integration of ICT technologies into the programmes and courses we offer. I am pleased to be a part of this forum and I am please with the discussions so far. We must embrace technology in education; it everywhere around us and our young learners are fully immersed in it.

Welcome again Ulick and pleased to meet you. Thank you for bringing your positive perspective to this discussion. I am looking forward to reading more of your views and have very pleasant memories of working with St Vincent and the Grenadines teachers when they studied the Commonwealth Certificate for ICT Integration from 2014 - 2015.

Thank you Janet, for the welcome and suggestion.

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Hi Janet. True I am in Educational institution