"Education is a Market" What are your thoughts?

This is a statement made by Sera (who is a participant in this discussion).

What do others think?
What are the benefits, opportunities and challenges associated with conceptualising education as a market?

Thanks in advance


Yes education is a market because when you go to learning institution you are essentially investing in so many ways such as time investment, financial investment and even human investment.
Therefore it follows that you expect positive output or outcome in form of either to be employed or self employment based on the skills acquired and the availability of opportunities.
That is why we believe that education is the key to life!

Yes. Education is a commodity now. If i wish to purchase the top class education in the world, then i should have that much money. Now, the poorest cannot buy the education. Forget about top class education for him. Scholarships/partial scholarships are not just enough for brilliant but poor ones.
We need to change the scenario. Education should be open and accessible to all.

Very true. How then can we, as UN countries especially Africa, come out of this monster and ensure that there is quality and equitable education for all as envisioned in the Sustainable development goals?

Can’t we right off the status " commodity" attached to education especially post WTO era? Why not make it accessible based on IQ quotient, performance, interest, etc.? We can change the picture : no money then no A grade commodity.

The world is forever changing and it is our responsibility to keep up. Re-designing curriculum framework and providing a 21st Century curriculum for our students who will enter the workforce with relevant KAS and be employed in professions that haven’t ever been thought of yet. Global market influences key education policies. With the influx of Digital Technologies and Learning Media tools, students are designing learning platforms for themselves. Learning in the 21st century is flexible and open.

Many thanks for this Sera.

With a view to reducing unemployment (more specifically youth unemployment), who should be involved in the re-designing of the curriculum framework? Should room be made at the table for industry and potential students to help steer and influence? also, what role do you think COL could play within this context?

It is true that the education has become a kind of business. But my concern is that it should be a fair business and not to be a black market or selling fake products. i have observed that many private institutes care only about the financial gain. that is a vast issue as the investment of the student may be in vain.

Thanks @cnaleen. So with respect to ODL, do you think COL has a role to play in identifying examples of bad practices through monitoring and reporting?

Why not? :slightly_smiling_face: If we do something for the betterment of the society it doesn’t matter who initiate it. the important thing is only the results. :smiley:

Education is a market and employability.

The journey ahead for educators and thinkers is challenging. Community conversations should be encouraged for the journey ahead with a view to reducing employment.Everyone should be encouraged to express themselves;industry potential and potential students to help steer & influence on how best can we learn, access resources and support each other.

Two key critical question that thinkers should be asking about re- designing curriculum & qualifications frameworks are:
1.What should be packed in the curriculum& qualifications framework suitcase for 2030 ?
2.What should be dropped from the suitcase for 2030?

CoL can be inluential to drive the discussion to all Commonwealth Thinkers, about being Open -Minded about the Journey ahead to the education landscape of 2030.
Yes- reducing employment is possible
Yes- accessing learning resources is possible
Yes- inclusive and empowerment is possible
Yes- connecting people to the right digital platform is possible.
Having the right attitude& aptitude towards change is important for the journey ahead.

Thank you very much for your thoughts - very much appreciated. What do others think?

To curb youth unemployment, the key players should be learning institutions and the industries that absorb the graduates.
The curriculum should be developed by the collaboration of learning institutions and industries with government as a stakeholder.

In one way it is sad that education has been commodified. Because there is a rapid increment of educational institutes that are much beyond the expected level of service though the exorbitant price is still present with them. It is a huge issue in most of the developing countries.

Sir, the basic issue is with our societal mindset. Every body wants their child to be an engineer or a doctor or so called sophisticated job that will earn more. So more demand then more hike in fees.
We as an open university trying to give chance to the deprived ones with very less fees compared to the traditional universities.
COL can make efforts to cut short the rat race towards sophisticated job oriented education, try to establish dignity to skill based education.
Thank you.