Effective use of digital tools and resources for transformation

So far we have started to discuss the value of digital technologies to connect people – Naleen noted that without technology, she would never have known Neerja even though they live in neighboring countries. We also mentioned the value of technology to provide access, particularly mobile technology and the range of possibilities afforded for different teaching approaches including self-directed teaching - being studied by Andrew. We have also touched on some negative aspects of digital learning, namely students who become easily distracted by social media mentioned by Oitiretse. There has been reference to transforming the way we teach due to the effective use of technologies and being innovative even if our innovations are not always welcomed, appreciated or embraced by our respective institutions. Perhaps one of our discussions could look deeper into some of these innovations. Just thinking that maybe some of us are already using online tools for formative or summative assessment – such as digital portfolios or student blogs and wikis, maybe games or peer assessment – or any other practices using digital tools or resources that are worth sharing.

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I am sharing structured viva voce poster which I presented in conference. Structured Viva voce used as a tool for summative assessment.
BOARD_11-18-2015.pdf (2.1 MB)


Thank you Neerja
this is extremely impressive - I will find time to engage with more details of the poster l but your program was certainly innovative and appears to have been hugely successful compared to the traditional viva voce methodology. Have you now considered the possibilities of conducting such a viva voce assessment program online rather than face to face?
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I have been involved in the development of content for online assessment of the last year (8th) of primary school in Kenya and I am going to share a link here;KCPE Exams.
The students login and attempt multiple choice questions, which are automatically graded and they get instant feedback of reasoning leading to the answer and suggestions of more reading hosted on OER website KCPE Revision. We believe online assessment gives an opportunity to all learners in Kenya, anywhere and everywhere. If you are interested we can give you free login access to the online assessment platform.

I think this well structured.

Yes online summative tools remove burden of marking from the teacher/instructor. When we train teachers at the start of the training we use Google forms to survey their knowledge and skills and at the end of the training we administer a self grading assessment using Google forms. This frees our hands and allow us to assess ICT skills developed during the training.

thanks for this Isaac - very interesting development in Kenya. I am wondering if multiple choice is the only format for this online assessment. It is excellent that learners receive instant feedback.

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Using Google forms is a great way of assessing teachers’ own perceptions of their digital learning - and progress - thanks for this contribution @isaac.kinyanjui5

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At the moment i am working with a extended abstract to submit the undergraduate research symposium using my final year project at OU Sri Lanka. there am discussing about the possibility of transforming the teacher-centred conventional class which lasts for about 2 to 3 hours to a mobile based class which is available 24/7.

I personally believe that MOST people catch the wrong end of the things and it is same with technology. For example, while there is a chance to be connected with the loved ones they use the technology to have another affairs. Technology can be used heavily on education but they most of the users only use it as a source of entertainment. In my project related to teaching English using WhatsApp on adult workers, I found that there were several students who have no smart phones shared their friends phone. When I noticed that I changed the structure of my google form based tests so that I can identify each individual in case i need to assist them on further matters. They liked it so much and I ended up by receiving test scores from some of their children as well. :smile:

that is very funny :slight_smile:

this is certainly transformational - exciting research!

Another positive aspect of using google form for data collections and test is that it will save time for analysis of data as there is inbuilt analyzing tab available. This can be a great benefit over manual method where we have to adjust (or may be repeat the process) the results if there is a new entry at the last minute.

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I have not tried online. May be in future