How can I develop my own open textbook?


By choosing to openly license their work and forgo royalties, open textbook authors share their knowledge the world, increase equitable access to education, and serve their disciplines. In some cases open textbook projects periodically put out calls for prospective authors or contract individual faculty to write or adapt open textbooks. However, in other cases open textbook projects rely on volunteers and provide information on how prospective contributors can participate in their project (see, for example, the OER Commons Tutorial).

Of course, those interested in authoring an open textbook may choose to develop one outside of any formal program and without any accompanying financial, technical, or editorial support. In such cases, individuals interested in developing or adapting open textbooks may use familiar word-processing software or web-based tools such as Pressbooks or Connexions to author and publish an open textbook. Any author writing an open textbook may consult the BC Open Textbook Authoring Guide or the Guide to Developing Open Textbooks.


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