My name is Catherine Halliwell. I am an Associate Lecturer at the Open University, UK, and I will be moderating this forum.

I currently teach chemistry and natural sciences to our undergraduate students, many of whom are part-time, distance learners, using our online resources. I love the range of backgrounds and experiences our students bring to the University.

If you wish to reply to this thread to introduce yourself to fellow participants then please do so.


Hello Catherine
I’m Tony Mays, the ES for Open Schooling at COL. I look forward to the discussions.

Hi everyone
I am Patience from the University of Eswatini, I am an instructional designer. I am have recently joined the Institute of Distance Education and I am fascinated by the depth of the concept of openness. I am keen to learn as much as possible from fellow participants and hope to increase my knowledge of the world of learning through the use of OER and adopt principles of openness in my daily operations.

Hi all! I am Mmabaledi Seeletso. I work for Botswana Open University but am now with the University of South Africa (UNISA) as a post doctoral research fellow until March 2020.

Hi, I am Simiyu Judith a Trainer at The Kitale National Polytechnic, Kenya. I’m a participant here and looking forward to an interactive learning.

Hello everyone

I am Kelly St. Hill. I am an instructor at the Samuel Jackman Prescod Institute of Technology, Barbados and I am looking forward to participating in this group and learning from you all as we share knowledge and perspectives.

Hi Patience,
Lovely to meet you. I look forward to your contributions in our discussions.


Hi Kelly,
Great to meet you. Welcome to our discussions. I look forward to your contributions.


HI Simiyu,
Welcome to our discussions. Like you I am looking forward to an interactive learning experience with fellow participants.

Hi Mmabaledi,
Great to meet you. I look forward to your contributions to our discussions.


Thank you Catherine.

Hi, Catherine and all,

I’m Chris Prince Udochukwu Njoku of Computer Communications Centre, University of Nigeria. I have teacher training and educated also in biological and library sciences and information technology. I lead operations, innovation and training to equip staff and students with skills to effectively, efficiently and safely use ICT to transform how we teach, do research, learn and deliver other services for best outcomes. I’m passionate about education reaching and giving everyone the kind of knowledge and skills they need to be optimally productive to themselves and in society, irrespective of gender, age, race, physical condition, location, economic status or whatever that may pose a barrier, That’s my motivation for joining in this and other discussions. I believe we’ll pool great ideas here, having noted highly knowledgeable, skilled and motivated people already here.

I’m excited to meet you: Patience, Mmabaledi, Judith. Kelly, nice we’ll be together again, being in Employability room.

Thank you @tmays for inviting me to this CoP. It means a lot to me.

Hi Chris,
Delighted to meet you. I was really motivated by your comment on transforming how we teach through ICT.

I am sure this will be a great discussion point. Like you, I think we will pool many great ideas.


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I’m Trudi van Wyk working in the Department of Higher Education and Training int he South African Government. I am responsible for inter alia the development of a National Open Learning System. I am looking forward to your inputs and what I can learn from you.

Hello I am Bayigga Haula, I am a Ugandan 25 year old petroleum Engineer. I am currently working as a Coordinator of the School of Energy and Hydrocarbons at the Virtual University of Uganda.

This is a good topic to be brought up as the challenges that run with it are many.

Hello my name is Namuchindo Chikoti. I am from TEVETA Zambia. I’m a curriculum developer there. I would like to explore open learning and it’s impact on curriculum design and development and vice versa

Hi Trudi,
Nice to meet you. I am looking forward to learning from you too as we share our thoughts and experiences of opening up education on this forum.

Hello Bayigga,
Good to meet you. I hope we can discuss those challenges more on this forum and share collective experiences of overcoming or minimizing the challenges of open education.

Hello Namuchindo,
Welcome to our forum. I think the impact on curriculum design is a great topic to explore via this forum. Open education can give us the opportunity to be incredibly innovative in curriculum and I look forward to reading participants’ thoughts on this.


I join Catheirne @c.halliwell to welcome all of you to this vibrant team, Trudi @vanwyk.t, Bayigga @h.bayigga and Namuchindo @namuchindo. PLEASE join our ongoing discussions on Effect of open educational resources (, What do we mean by Open Education?(