Liniking entrepreneurial education to employability of students - question raised by Chris Prince Udochukwu Njoku

To increase employability, do we strongly agree that systems need to give due or more attention to entrepreneurial education both by making establishment of and learning in vocational and ‘artisanal’/technical institutions very attractive and by making the more popular grammar schools and traditional colleges more practical and supporting them to offer entrepreneurial studies?

i believe that some are born with the entrepreneurial skills but for others there is a possibility to inculcate those abilities easily. In that process the students should be given a chance. it is so easy to find resource person to deliver a speech, conduct a workshop on the area of entrepreneurship and there are whole lot of pocket books in the area that the students can be given a chance to refer.
In one of those speeches I heard that the university graduate must be a person who can provide employment for others and not a one who tried his best to pursue an interview panel to get a job for him.

Thank you, Chinthaka @cnaleen, for this great input. Unfortunately, the reverse is the case in many places. Why? The system is wrong. Emphasis is on theory. Curriculum, teaching method, learning style, everything, even job recruitment method, is devoid of skill-building/testing activities. Students are not at all helped to think critically. Many can’t impressively analyze situations and things and terribly lack initiative and organizational skill. How can they create jobs? Is it by magic? You raised the other pertinent topic: Are we making employable graduates? and the answer is, in many cases, NO. So, what do you recommend as solutions?

Dear Chris

My recommendation may be considered as crazy thoughts by meany. But I strongly feel that universities must be places not merely fill the untrained brains with excessive knowledge and so-called intelligence. with that two things we create people who can be a menace. imagine about doctors who secretly remove a kidney while doing a surgery for appendicitis. Do we need people of this caliber? i strongly feel that universities must be places that allow the students to train themselves for something worthy that can be done for the betterment of the man kind while they earn their living. it must be a place to gain WISDOM and create a human and just NOT make a professional without a heart.

Thanks or your responses. So in your opinions which are the entrepreneurial skills that can be developed through ODL and how best can this be achieved?

What I feel is that we can direct the students towards and motivate them to achieve those skills.

Thanks for your reply. Would others care to comment?

Entrepreneurial skills that can be developed through ODL include strategic thinking, curiosity, time management, problem-solving, efficiency, networking, communication. This can be best achieved through learning activities that involve one or more of these at a time. Activities should aim at learners taking responsibility for their learning,or what do others think?

As you mentioned activity based learning could be a better option for this. We should think creatively and give some scenarios/case studies for the students to progress towards a certain goal. Once we did some non-credit, non-technical modules for this purpose and it was so successful. Later I heard that they had discontinued it mentioning that there was a issue with funding.