Mobile learning and Microlearning

Many of us have touched on the topic of mobile learning, some have mentioned specific apps or resources that have been useful and some have mentioned creating content, learning nuggets or Microlearning. A number of people @cnaleen @udochukwu.njoku have raised the issue of making content more engaging and motivating for students. I wonder if there is further to add to this topic in the last week of these discussions.

In my point of view these are in the beginner level with respect to the technology based learning. But we should never neglect it as it would be the future of learning.

If i quote Jay Cross, he has stated in 2013;
“This ain’t no questions that indeed as much as I love my laptop that is not the way world is going to learn. They are going to learn on tablets and phones. Better be on board or miss the train.”
After 6 years it is obvious that what he mentioned is going to happen. Therefore, we should see the ways of using these technology and present it to the students in a way that attracts them. It is the our approach that make the learning process entertaining or boring for the future generations.
Further researches should be done on this matter to make it clear about the effectiveness.

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