Monitoring and evaluation of digital tools and resources

The topic of monitoring and evaluation has arisen and how often it is neglected with technology projects. Sometimes it is not just the technology that is not evaluated but also the content. Would it be beneficial to explore different perspectives on this topic of monitoring and evaluation of digital tools and or resources?

I think both the resources and tools should be monitored. sometimes we changed the resources but the problem may be in the tool and vice versa. to share my experience, once i used WhatsApp for mobile learning sessions and there was problem with the students to rate the work. Later I observed that can be easily done with other apps such as Instagram.

Good point @cnaleen and helpful advice for those of us wishing to include assessment in mobile learning

Learners are likely to have greater awareness of national platforms offering online courses and MOOCs than those offered by other nations, and may not make informed choice while enrolling. However students seeking admission to conventional courses, check accreditation, global ranking of institutions and courses before applying. Evaluation of online courses and their delivery, ranking &/some sort of accreditation is required.

This is very true Supata @sbose I wonder if others have similar thoughts on the matter before we round off the final week