Poor Time Management and the Impact on Employability

According to one of our colleagues, time management amongst many students appears to be poor.

  • Do you agree or disagree with the above statement?

  • How can ODL help students appreciate the importance and applicability of employability skills they are developing along the way e.g. communication, group-working and collaboration skills?

  • What are the key messages that we need to get across to ‘time poor’ students looking for work?

  • What kind of resources do we need to develop?

As i think time management must be the most important thing. if i take myself for example, i have to work, and do some extra classes, take care of the family and then it comes the time for learning. How i overcame this was if i have an assignment or project to do, i read it well and get the core of it in to my mind. then i develop it in my mine while i travel by public transport, waiting in queues etc. when the time to start doing it, i have developed the answer. the time i used to do it was from 11 pm to 3 am. :slight_smile:

in ODL there are only few session to attend and all other time is free. in my ODL course what i did was make my friends aware about how to use a weekly and monthly work plan at least to see if they can manage the amount of work they have to do.

The problem with the time poor students is that they don’t need to prioritize the things, for example if there is an exam time, it is not the time to study the theories, but to attempt for few past papers at least.
The remedy is not a huge thing, According to my experience a simply a weekly and monthly planner templates freely available on web would do it. The student must have a willingness to do that and the resources are so common now.

Very wise advice @cnaleen. Thanks

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