Spirit of the forum: Equity and Inclusion

Dear All,

I hope you enjoy the discussions in the Equity and Inclusion category and find them interesting. To help this, here are a few points to consider when posting or replying to messages

My colleague Catherine has led the way with a ‘Spirit of the Forum’ topic in the ‘Opening Up Education’ category and I’m sharing her suggestions. Thank you Catherine!

Participants will be from across the Commonwealth, different experiences, different cultures, different time zones. To aid communication be prepared to define terms that might not be familiar to other participants.

Please allow for the fact that responses will come in at all hours due to the global distribution of participants, so an immediate look at responses will not have quite the richness of opinion that a later look will have.

Please be respectful of differences of culture, opinion and ideas. Remember we are open to all people, places and ideas.

Often, many more people read messages than the ones who are directly posting in a discussion, so remember that your audience is much wider than the people who have posted messages so far.

Anyone is welcome to start a topic relevant to Equity and Inclusion in Education. Please don’t wait for me to announce a new topic. Before you start a new topic, please read the existing ones, just in case your idea would fit better within a current debate. I will add some topics in the early stages to encourage discussion.

Please read the introductory topic ‘About the Equity and Inclusion category’. This describes some of the factors and relationships we may wish to discuss. It includes an influence diagram that may be helpful in talking about the relationships between students, teachers and educational technology in the context of other influences.

I am based in the UK so my check in times will normally be about 9 am and 6pm British summer time (GMT + 1 hr). I hope this will help to smooth over some of the time differences between us.

This is an exciting opportunity for us to share experiences on a global scale.
Looking forward to an enjoyable discussion,

Best wishes,