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Dear All,
I hope that you will find these discussions in the Opening Up Education category stimulating and enjoyable. To aid this here are a few points to bear in mind when posting or replying.

Participants will be from across the Commonwealth, different experiences, different cultures, different time zones. To aid communication be prepared to define terms that might not be familiar to other participants.

Please allow for the fact that responses will come in at all hours due to the global distribution of participants, so an immediate look at responses will not have quite the richness of opinion that a later look will have.

Please be respectful of differences of culture, opinion and ideas. Remember we are open to all people, places and ideas.

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Thanks for the warm welcome and useful tips Catherine. I am happy to be part of this forum and looking forward to benefit from the diverse cultural experiences of the participants in this forum. I have already learnt something; cultural tolerance and respect of one’s opinion.

This is appreciated Catherine, and I look forward to learning so much from you all colleagues, and hope to meet you all in Scotland!!

Really a fascinating sub-theme. Apt. It’s worrisome that with the positive volcanic effect technology is here to cause in all spheres of human activities and with steadily increasing number of people willing to get educated, education is still closed in many countries. Conservative admission requirements, rigid/outdated/irrelevant curricula, teacher-centredness, bad attitude to teacher professional development, age restrictions, discriminating against certificates/diplomas from online education, distance, unwillingness to welcome change, technophobia (fear of technology) and a host of other things are still shutting millions of people out of education.

Open education means access: a concept of making access to education possible with minimum conditions and requirement

Hi Justin @justin.valentin,
This meaning you gave to open education is superb. I’d like you to read other brilliant ones by colleagues in the space created for that. Follow this link: [Topic 1: What do we mean by Open Education?](Topic 1: What do we mean by Open Education? :slight_smile: