Topic 1: What do we mean by Open Education?

Hi All,
It is not my wish to be prescriptive on topics, but for this first week I will ‘seed’ the discussions to see what themes we will then explore.

So let’s start by discussing what do we mean by Open Education? What is common to our understanding and what differences might there be? Perhaps you can reply to this (and other messages as they appear) and share your understanding and experience of Open Education.

I look forward to reading your posts,


Open education: those institutions who are providing Digitised educational resources for the users in form of audios, videos and word or PDF materials can be categorized under open education

Open distance education reaching everyone, allowing flexibility, no age bar, student can choose their own way of learning ay their own pace and can even have on demand exam policy. Teaching Learning methods are vary from print material, soft PDF, MOOCS, ppt, audio books, links, face to face contact sessions, hands on training etc.