Topic 2: What do we mean by equity and inclusion?

As Marlyn suggested,

in order to measure the success of these indicators, we first have to define and agree on what is equity and what is inclusion.

Patience @patiencesd noted that the concept of equality, inclusion and access are all related. Shadrek @sbalisi introduced the idea of democratisation of education, with issues of access, equity, inclusion and empowerment.

Buckman Akuffo @akuffo.Buckman leads programs on Artisanal Empowerment and Reverse Learning, which imply a challenge to the status quo. Chris @udochukwu.njoku works towards education reaching everyone and giving them knowledge and skills for a living and for society. Sutapa @sbose at IGNOU sets up study centres to reach prisoners, transgenders and sex workers who would not otherwise access education. Naleen @cnaleen researches mobile learning and the ways in which technology can help learning.

There are central ideas of challenging the current situation and opening up education to as many people as possible, including those on the margins of society.

This new topic is an opportunity for us to continue to explore this area. Themes and ideas from this online discussion will contribute to the PCF9 forum in September.

Feel free to share questions and examples from your work or elsewhere.

What do you think?