Use of ICT in ODL

University or Institution has taken many initiatives for using ICT in ODL. But can’t reach properly to the learners. Many learners use different ICT devices for other purpose. But they are not interested or used to regarding use of ICT for their learning.

Hi @ihusain1979

Thanks for raising this. my observation is that many distance learning programs today are founded on ICT. I’m wondering, does any distance learner not really want involvement of ICTs? Where did the persons enroll and what’s their mode of study? Is it in sandwich programs? But I know sandwich programs are done on-campus during school vacation.

One thing I’m very much aware of is that the way some institutions deliver distance learning is not motivating and can make learning difficult. It’s like ODL is becoming a rat race; every institution itch to launch it, even without proper understanding, planning and investment. Did you know that distance learning is more involving than on-campus education, in many aspects: time, commitment, discipline, instructional design…?

Welcome Iqbal to this discussion and thank you for this contribution - Chris has some comments on the same topic - one wonders why students might not be interested in using ICT for ODL

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The lack of knowledge and skills to use ICT and financial constraints, are some problems facing the use of ICT in ODL. These problems influence what ICT tools to deploy and in what combinations. The use of these ICT tools, must not only address certain pedagogical concerns, but must aim at bridging the digital divide whiles providing easy and a cost-effective method of accessing quality education.
The use of ICT in ODL, impacts not only the teaching and learning landscape but leads to the development of new concepts, cultures and understanding.
So, I ask these questions?

  1. Are learners ready to embrace these new concepts?
  2. Are institutions or universities ready to adapt to these new cultures?

Hi dear udochukwu.njoku,
Thanks for sharing you valuable idea on the issue. Yes, most of our learners get the opportunity of tutorial class (f2f), but they enroll in online process. E-books, video programs etc. are available in online. But Most of them are not so interested to use this. Though, they are not disconnected from use of ICT.

Hi Michael,
Thanks for responding me. As far as I know, the learners are experienced with new concepts of ICT. University is also trying to explore education (ODL) using ICT. But there is a gap between university and its learners regarding use of ICT in ODL. What will be the measures to minimize the gap?

Thank you Michael and Iqbal for your valuable contributions and clear thinking on these issues. One has to wonder how serious the financial constraints on students might be. Here in South Africa our data costs are very high.
I also share your concerns around institutions being prepared to adapt to the changes that digital learning brings.

This is a good case @ihusain1979 @selom.michael. I’m beginning to see one cause of the learners’ dislike for electronic/online resources and activities. That’s cost involvement as mentioned by @janet. Don’t we think these learners need enlightenment about use of technology and its benefits to them and also some guidance on how to make sense of the technologies involved (preferably before the start of their courses)? It’s just like what we’re discussing under Technology sub-theme.

I am sure many of us agree with you Chris - and perhaps it is not limited to enlightening the students @udochukwu.njoku @ihusain1979 @selom.michael

I personally feel that the different ICT devices is not a problem unless they have the same platform, For example there may be Mac , Android or Windows based devices that can be work with lot of common software such as Office, WhatsApp, or most Android apps. As I have experienced LMS and Moodle can be easily accessed with a basic android mobile phone.

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I thoroughly agree with the fact that ODL should not be used in a education unless there is a considerable time. The rat race is there even in my country as people mainly target on financial gain and have forgotten the ethics of education. Technology must make the student comfortable towards the achievements of their education and not a stress builder.

I believe the student hate this kind of approaches as the administrators have no clear idea about the how the process should be worked with and they use the technological stuff just to show off that they are advanced.

as you mentioned in technology based teaching approach the administrators must consider about feasibility, decline, awareness. The design must be done with the assistance of the pioneers in the field and not just by a developer of that software.

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If I give my idea on your questions:

i believe that the students are ready as it is the nature of young people to try out new things. But the problem is are they getting it in a way that it make them inspired or it only make them bored? Therefore, my idea is that they are ready and we must know how it should be presented to them.

Unfortunately the cultures and by-laws of most universities has made it difficult to adapt to constant changes in technology. on the other hand, financial aspect can also be considered as a hindrance in this aspect too.

i feel there must be some technology literate people to carry on this process unless the ad-hok development only create more problems.

Thanks for your insight @cnaleen - these are good points