Week 2 Summary

Thank you all for your thoughtful discussions. I think this week we addressed some previous topics in great depth and here’s a brief summary of the developing themes. My thanks to all contributors.

Open Curriculum: thank you @udochukwu.njoku, @neerjasood, @muhydeenahmed9, @CathB for looking at whether a redefinition of the purpose of education is appropriate especially in an open, more globally interconnected open education environment. I am sure others will add to this. Will we see a tension between the personalized, local and global ideas on this?

Open Education Resources: @neerjasood, brought to our attention some of the advantages and disadvantages of OERs. Advantages included reuse and timeliness of resources and disadvantages around computer and internet access and availability in native language. Whilst there is generally a positive attitude to OER this contrasts with a lack of sharing in some cases. So maybe one thing we can explore further this coming week is good examples of promoting the sharing of OER that you have come across?

Finally we discussed further what we mean by Open Education. An emerging question is ‘Is there a big divide between adult and non-adult education or is it more of a continuum in an Open Education environment?’ Further was the thought that Open should be flexible to suit more the individual and that theories applied in general should not overrule this @CathB, @udochukwu.njoku

I am finding all these discussions fascinating and causing me to reflect on my own assumptions in Open Education.
I hope this coming week will see new contributor led topics and more responses to ongoing topics.



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