Week 4 Summary and Thank You to All

Dear participants,
Thank you so much for all your thought-provoking contributions to the Opening Up Education theme over the past four weeks.

I will keep this summary short and just draw your attention to the main discussion of the last week on ‘What will Open Education look like in ten years time?’ @CathB, @Indira and @cnaleen added to our discussions on promoting the use of OER noting that this has to be learner driven, with benefits clearly evident rather than being something imposed or forced upon learners.

Let me tell you what happens next. I will prepare a short summary report of our discussions for the conference organizers, who will then compile an overall report to be presented at the PCF9 inaugural session. So I feel this forum has been a truly collaborative experience, building the foundations for further discourse in Edinburgh in September.

I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible at PCF.
Kind regards,

It is so great to hear that. Your hard work on the success of these discussions is highly appreciated. :+1:

I’m very glad for being in this forum, meeting wonderful experts passionate about getting education right and accessible to all. It’s really been a worthwhile experience for me.

A food for thought as we disperse to re-converge another time is: Could some of the hiccups we identified regarding technology use be responsible for the small number of participants and scanty participation of some others who signed up? Technology is critical for opening up education, but how will we successfully tackle associated challenges?

Changes are inevitable. But the changes that technology make may change the whole course according to the level the technology is used. What we have to be aware is to change the things gradually in a pace that all can adapt to.

Thanks for all your work guiding discussions and producing these clear and helpful summaries, Catherine - it will be interesting to read the final report.

And thanks to all my fellow contributors - it’s been really interesting to join in discussions with you.

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Your contribution on the forum should be appreciated too.