What is meant by 'Curating OER'?


Content curation of OER comes in two forms: simply curating links to third party OER, or licensing curated OER to host on your media property. OER curation involves finding, organizing, annotating, and sharing OER that is relevant to curator.

Content curation (or resource curation) is the process of sorting through the vast amounts of content on the web and presenting the best resources in a meaningful and organized way. In the context of a course, the content curator’s (educator’s) role is to identify the lesson theme/topic, provide the context for the students, and decide what content to present and how it should be annotated. Another approach is to empower your students to become content curators themselves.

The framework below is adapted from Robin Good’s curated compilation of content curation resources on Pinterest.

Content curation is a critical skill in this era of information overload. It goes beyond just about collecting or filtering, and is more about adding value by organizing and presenting relevant resources on a given topic (Source).

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